Bruno Service Stations integrate Axis camera security systems with cash registers, video analytics, access control and customer cards

SafePump POS integration by The Safe Group on the Tokheim system enhances employee efficiency and improves the complete customer experience

“The benefits of the new camera system were immediately noticeable: excellent image quality, user-friendly software for our employees and efficient maintenance. Accessing images is incredibly fast and if necessary they can be sent to the authorities with a single click. Since the system is connected to the network, problems can just be solved remotely 9 times out of 10.” Mario Di Tomasso, Facility Manager at Group Bruno.


Ensuring security for a big gas station with complementary services and parking areas is a constant challenge. The Bruno group views it as a necessity to keep on investing in this crucial aspect. The company needed to keep a close eye on large areas during day and night. The Bruno customer card also needed to be used to provide flexible access control to the Safe Parking areas and to facilitate easy customer registration, all within the same cash register system. License plate recognition and video analysis needed to be used to gather interesting data for business intelligence. Finally, the new system also needed to be as efficient as possible.


Relying on the expert advice of The Safe Group, Group Bruno decided to set up several service stations with a combination of different types of Axis network cameras and an access control system which is also connected to the network. In addition, The Safe Group also integrated the available Tokheim Point Of Sale (POS) software with the Axis products, as well as the VMS, access control, license plate recognition and video analytics. All of this happened under the SafePump brand.


The camera surveillance system, the access control and the cash register system were successfully integrated, resulting in enormous added value. Camera images can be accessed by the customer based on license plate, purchased products or other identification data. Issues can usually easily be remotely solved by the partner. And finally, the system is scalable, highly flexible and therefore truly future-proof.

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