Fortis Hospital deploys Axis network cameras to make patient safety top priority

Axis solution enables healthcare facility to respond faster in emergency situations

“We are very impressed with the surveillance solution offered by Axis Communications. It has greatly reduced costs and investments and increased overall operational efficiency. We have been able to cut down the time it takes to review past footages due to better image clarity and faster video playback time.” Regional IT Head, Fortis Hospital Limited.


Fortis Healthcare, one of the leading healthcare delivery providers across the Asia-Pacific region, has operations in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the island nation of Mauritius. Fortis Hospital, Chandigarh is a provider of international standards healthcare and integrated care in the areas of diagnostics, primary care and specialty day care. To be known as a responsible and secure healthcare provider, Fortis Hospital wanted to ensure complete transparency in protecting not only patients’ physical health, but also build a secured environment. The client needed to monitor entrances, exits and other sensitive areas to provide a safe healthcare environment for patients and their family members and hospital staff.


To monitor the interior and the exterior of the facility, Axis network cameras were installed to ensure round the clock surveillance of Fortis hospital especially during the evening and night shifts when the number of nurses are fewer.


The medical center has greatly benefited from providing safe, timely and accurate care. With the Axis’ high-definition surveillance system in place, Fortis Hospital is better prepared to handle any potential threats and to help patients, staff and visitors feel safe and protected. With a limited security team, the deployment has improved service effectiveness, simplified the coordination with other departments, shortened response time and increased operational efficiency.

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