California community stays safe with Axis

The Oakland Housing Authority Police Department utilizes Axis PTZ cameras to maintain a secure campus environment


Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) provides subsidized housing to nearly 16,500 families in Northern California, providing a need for its own Police Department (PD) and further security measures. Moving from an outdated analog camera system, the Police Department sought an HD-capable solution with the ability to centralize video operations while also accessing cameras remotely. The new system would assist in daily operations like patrolling the area, processing open cases and tickets, and more generally protecting and serving residents.


Axis partner Cyberwatch Security Communication Systems (CWSS) assisted the OHA PD in deploying a system of 26 AXIS P5414-E PTZ Dome Network Cameras fed through a Milestone XProtect® platform to give officers a high-resolution network camera system. Utilizing a 5 GHz point-to-multipoint infrastructure solution from RADWIN, the PD worked with CWSS to determine the best fields of view and preset guard tours to cover necessary locations. The system provides 24/7 surveillance of the OHA campus, allowing Public Safety staff to maintain a secure campus environment.


The improved coverage has made operations more efficient, leading to a decrease in crime and security violations. Corner mounts for the PTZ cameras enable officers to oversee comprehensive coverage of the campus. Overall, the OHA PD has seen quicker response times to calls and easy access to video footage as needed in case of incidents. Edge recording capabilities also give a significant advantage over the analog solution since the footage can be recovered in case of network or power disruption issues.

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