Axis network cameras in Kaliningrad: the core of the “safe region”

ISS situational awareness analytics and Axis cameras enhance the “safe city” project in Kaliningrad

“We use Axis network cameras for the “Safe city” project in Kaliningrad region. Without these cameras the sub-system which automates the work of the operators would be simply impossible. The wide range of the challenges met demands the continuous operation in various conditions and precise tuning. The third party cameras were also considered as a “filling” for AutoCam-IP equipment, however Axis cameras showed better result in terms of image quality and integration with SecurOS software.” Oliferchuk A. S., Director of the “SAFE CITY” State Public Institution of Kaliningrad region.


The introduction of the “safe city” hardware and software system started at the end of 2014 in Kaliningrad region. This system is a federal project aimed at increasing the citizen’s safety and optimizing the cooperation of all the supervising and emergency response services. The centralized video surveillance system forms the hardware backbone: IP cameras with analytic functionality are connected to the fiber-optic network and transfer the information to the single monitoring center. SecurOS software is developed in Russia by ISS.


AXIS P1365 Network Cameras are involved in the project to meet the requirements of the situational awareness analytics. Apart from full integration with SecurOS these cameras have additional functionality as Lightfinder and WDR technologies. Initially more than 20 Axis network cameras were installed in Kaliningrad. This number is constantly growing since the system develops and extends to other cities.


Today, cameras installed at the public places, squares, intersections and highways automatically analyze the situation and if necessary send the signal to the monitoring center and display the image on the video wall. Meanwhile, the incident response speed increases, the impact of the “human factor” reduces and each event is recorded to the archive. The project was highly evaluated by the Kaliningrad region administration, heads of the regional representative offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service and recommended to be deployed on the whole territory of the region.

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