EastLink Melbourne deploys Axis’ and Citilog’s traffic surveillance solution

EastLink Melbourne seamlessly installs Axis encoders in combination with Citilog’s Automatic Video Incident Detection System (AVID)

“Encoding the video to IP also allowed us the benefit of implementing a full hot standby detection system in our disaster recovery center. It was impractical to run the amount of cables necessary for analog video to the DRC, where the AXIS P7216 Video Encoders allowed us access to the video streams from anywhere on the network. In the case of any failure or maintenance tasks, this work can be carried out with zero impact to operations.” Tim Hartfield, Systems Technician at EastLink.


EastLink is the 39km freeway in Melbourne’s South East suburbs connecting the Eastern, Monash, Frankston and Peninsula Link freeways. EastLink is a vital transport corridor carrying more than 240,000 vehicles per day, a 77% increase compared to the first months after opening in 2008. The freeway passes through two 1.6km tunnels, and in those tunnels EastLink has an Automatic Video Incident Detection System as part of its critical safety systems. This system is paramount in detecting stopped or slowing vehicles in the tunnels, enhancing road user safety and providing EastLink’s traffic control centre with vital real time information through video analytics. Originally supplied and installed by Citilog, EastLink came to Axis as its AVID system required a hardware upgrade to support the latest features required by the operation team.


EastLink had a requirement to upgrade their video detection solution including new hardware and migrating to an IP solution. Axis was the first point of call for such a solution, offering its encoders. Stuart Lindsay, Engineering Manager at EastLink, talks about the project: “The video signals that EastLink gets back from its Video Incident Detection Cameras in the tunnel are analogue, and as EastLink was looking to move to IP in the future it was required to make sure that its system was future proof. We took this as the first opportunity to move into the digital IP realm.”


The final solution offered full business continuity with a seamless switch to a digital solution without interfering with the live system. This flexibility provided a fully functional AVID system and enabled safe operation; the system has delivered a higher reliability compared with the legacy system, and is more robust against hardware failures.

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