Securing the finish line with Axis

Axis network cameras play key role in safeguarding the city of Hartford during annual marathon

“We had a good eye in the sky that helped prevent us from having to deploy too many people. We only needed to deploy as necessary because of the great camera views, which is a lot easier for us to deal with when we can evaluate lesser concerns first over the cameras.” Sergeant Johnmichael O’Hare, Hartford Police Department, Special Operations Group.


With a population just under 125,000 in its city limits, the city of Hartford, Conn., prepares each October for its annual marathon and half marathon, a race run by over 14,000. When noting the attendees, sponsors and staff on hand, the crowd for such an event grows exponentially before the city’s eyes on event day. For police, this is an opportunity to keep the city safe as usual for locals and visitors alike.


Under recommendations from Axis partner Vulcan Security, the Hartford Police Department implemented a limited string of cameras with practically limitless views. Multi-sensor cameras enabled law enforcement to keep eyes on a multitude of views while only needing to rely on a short list of technologies.


The event cycled through without any major incidents. Aside from a couple of medical needs that were rapidly addressed, the city happily reported a smooth and happy race day. Their outlook beyond the marathon was very positive on the future of network video in the city due to the positive feedback and results they received from this one weekend alone with the system in use.

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