Sleeping easy with 24/7 Axis thermal imaging

Hiemstra Trailer Sales stays alert when the sun goes down with Axis thermal network camera and Jemez analytics


Hiemstra Trailer Sales prides itself on its history and growth as a company since opening in 1966 and since growing to a 22,000-plus square foot facility plus seven acres of storage space. Providing trailers to families and individuals hoping for some adventure in Southwestern Ontario. With a long stretch of fence around the property, owner Wayne Hiemstra was met with issues of people cutting through the fence at nighttime and breaking in, making it past their security system because of low light conditions.


Deploying an AXIS Q1931-E Thermal Network Camera paired with Eagle-i from Jemez Technology, Hiemstra Trailer Sales now hosts a unique setup to capture intruders on video. A clear heat signal from the camera gives Hiemstra and his staff peace of mind as it can display a human being at an 800-plus foot distance away while not reacting to obstructions like weeds or bushes. The thermal network camera fits due to the late night purpose of this installation.


Since integration, Hiemstra has been able to rest a bit easier at night knowing that false alarms are a thing of the past. With the two partner technologies in place, Hiemstra was able to not only catch two individuals on video that were cutting a hole in the fence, but to enable police to apprehend the suspects when they came back multiple weeks later. The green space behind the facility is now less of a worry for the company because of the certainty provided by the camera and analytic solution.

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