Going the extra mile with Axis

Western Precooling Systems solves time-sensitive facility concerns with combination of Axis and partner technologies

“We have a customer that often asks us to prove that we shipped their items. Before, we had really terrible analog cameras. It was almost impossible to see on screen if it was their pallet or not. Now with the Axis cameras, we’re able to zoom in and verify, even as close up as the bar code, if that’s their pallet. That’s been helping us a lot.” Van Canning, IT Director, Western Precooling Systems.


Western Precooling Systems (WPC) had an immediate need for cameras to be installed in key entrances and parking lot locations set 850-plus feet from the closest server room. With an array of safety and operational concerns, the need for this equipment and integration was urgent for WPC, adding additional pressure to gain a speedy result.


Axis partner Photo-Scan of Los Angeles, Inc., specified a unique installation to WPC utilizing Axis network cameras carried over a GameChanger Cable from Paige Electric. This unique cable delivers high definition video, control and Power over Ethernet over the elongated distance with no latency. Cameras cover entrances, docks, machinery and storage areas to assure management that procedures are being followed and to reactively assist in any claims that arise.


The solution provides a range of benefits to WPC. The installation process was five weeks faster than it would have been if an IDF had been required. By skipping the build out of a new cabinet, costs were also dramatically lower. WPC has already seen multiple instances where the video playback helped to respond to an incident, and Axis’ Zipstream Technology assists WPC in retaining a very large amount of footage.

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