Driving used car sales with Axis

Mark Wilson’s Better Used Cars focuses on its mission with Axis cameras backing it up

“We love the system. I’m always keeping an eye around the dealership and I can find anybody I need to within moments of looking. Plus we’ve caught so many accidents like damage to the building. You can confront people with confidence because you can show them the clear video.” Mark McMullen, General Manager, Mark Wilson’s Better Used Cars.


As sales grew and the business blossomed into a new facility, the need for further video security arose for Mark Wilson’s Better Used Cars. Previously stationed across a selection of properties, the company decided to centralize efforts and move to a single, larger space. Between operational opportunities and concerns about incidents involving damage to vehicles, management looked to IP video as a tool that would allow them to function within their normal roles and still have a way to stay connected with the rest of the facility.


A spread of Axis fixed and PTZ network cameras were specified and deployed across the new property by Caleb Stephens, Jeff Struyk and the team. The business saw the need for cameras in parking lots and service areas to keep eyes on all of the cars in case of potential damages. On the operational side, cameras in waiting areas and the sales floor allow management to keep an eye on trends and optimize staffing schedules.


Mark Wilson’s has seen a significant boost in confidence as it pertains to customer complaints and with internal issues. When customers claim that damage had been done to their vehicle, or on the contrary denying their involvement in an event on site, management has been able to provide sufficient evidence to back themselves up and save on potential costs. In general, the cameras and signs around the property have also added an additional deterrence factor.

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