Troubleshooting massive digital displays with Axis

Sensory Interactive uses Axis network cameras to pinpoint maintenance issues for large-scale electronic billboards

“With the Axis cameras we can zoom right in on the problem. If we can’t fix it remotely, we can at least figure out what’s going on before we send the technician out there. That saves a lot of prep time on site and expedites fixes.” Jason Cox, Associate Director of Operations for Sensory Interactive.


As a consulting firm that designs and implements massive digital media projects for companies around the globe, Sensory Interactive’s role in its projects does not end with the installation. To ensure clients continue to receive the full value from their investment, the operations team monitors the displays around the clock for any performance issues – from diode failures and computer glitches to unexpected obstructions and vandalism. The impracticality and enormous cost of stationing technicians at each site 24/7 led the company to seek network video cameras that would help them maintain quality control remotely.


For the largest formats and most challenging locales, Sensory Interactive turned to a portfolio of rugged Axis HDTV-quality pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) network cameras. The Axis cameras are generally mounted on buildings in the vicinity of the digital displays to provide the widest coverage. Video streams over the Internet via a Cat5/Cat6 cable or wireless connection. For optimum flexibility, the operations team monitors the live camera feeds from their desktops, laptops and smartphones using a combination of AXIS Camera Station, open standards software and mobile applications.


The Axis cameras have allowed Sensory Interactive to validate changing display content, pinpoint recurring issues for LED screen manufacturers to address and diagnose/debug operational problems from afar. In many instances, this saved clients the significant cost and time of flying in technicians for onsite service calls.

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