Keeping inmates out of trouble with Axis

Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office elevates to network video system to monitor its detention center

“We are definitely staying with the Axis camera equipment. No question about it. We aren’t even considering anything else, because there just isn’t anything that compares quality-wise, price-wise; the reliability alone, there just isn’t anything out there like it.” Corporal Bryon Taylor, Director of IT, Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office.


Tired of camera failures and low quality images with an old analog surveillance system, the Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office sought out a solution that could bring its cameras back online quicker while potentially adding better resolution and quality to the images it was being fed. Knowing that there was a better solution out there, it was only a matter of resources to move on implementing new network cameras.


Under direction from the Director of IT, the Sheriff’s Office deployed a series of Axis fixed cameras to include multiple with 360-degree views, setting itself up for a premium system without too many moving parts. A control tower commands the access control throughout the facility while also monitoring three monitors of camera streams, soon to be four.


Within minutes of putting up the first camera, staff identified multiple issues on site taking place. The Axis cameras have allowed the sheriff, warden and guards to maintain a safe and secure environment while being on the lookout for any incident that may have before fallen under the radar. PTZ capabilities of multiple cameras let the sheriff zoom in to activities as close as he needs when there is cause for concern and he may be off-site.

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