University safety in suburban setting with Axis

University of Wisconsin-Parkside sees positive response campus-wide to increased safety measures with Axis network cameras

“Initially, there were some reservations about cameras. Then it just morphed where more areas of campus were interested in the added security cameras provide.” Jim Heller, Chief of Police and Public Safety, University of Wisconsin-Parkside.


Sitting at the midpoint between the metropolitan areas of Chicago and Milwaukee, the suburban University of Wisconsin-Parkside campus is patrolled by a fully certified police department requiring video surveillance in areas where personnel cannot always be on site. An analog system was not cutting it both in functionality and picture clarity, as officers sought a solution that could give them more answers.


Working with an Axis representative, UW-Parkside Chief of Police and Public Safety Jim Heller selected a variety of Axis network cameras to cover many open areas on campus. Utilizing both fixed and PTZ models, the department also deployed four image sensors on one of its patrol units to keep watch over the actions of that vehicle when it was on the road.


The response to the cameras has been extremely positive, as the demand from other departments to add coverage to their spaces has been constant. The police department has added cameras each year to new areas, giving academic and operational departments access to those feeds and thereby providing a more secure environment for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.

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