Modern and integrated: Security at Hamburg Stadium

Solutions by Axis and digivod offer helpful support for security personnel and police at the Hamburg Stadium

“The modernization of the video surveillance system of the Hamburg Volksparkstadion involved numerous requirements. The Axis cameras provide the optimum enhancement to the security concept. Together, we were able to create a system that was so intuitive to use that the stadium operator and the police are equally satisfied.” Frank Reusch of C.D. Büttner Sicherheitstechnik GmbH in Hamburg.


The operators of the Volksparkstadion in Hamburg wanted to update the video surveillance solution and to enhance it with an intuitive operating platform. The goal was to achieve comprehensive surveillance, with 4K cameras providing an overview of critical areas of the stadium. In addition, police officers also need to be able to access the footage – both at the stadium and at the main operations center.


Many police officers are familiar with the digivod user interface because the company has already equipped numerous authorities with its system. The solution’s claim to fame lies in its ability to analyze any number of cameras and in its intuitive operation. On the hardware end, the operator of the stadium opted, among other things, for Axis cameras, which are able to deliver high-resolution 4K images while simultaneously surviving rugged use.


The Axis cameras are aimed at the critical security areas such as the spectator stands and deliver images to the police officers who have access to the stadium via the digivod platform.

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