Interactive highways: Axis network cameras to assist car drivers.

Traffic video surveillance in Ukraine.

“We were planning to use IP cameras for “Videoprobki” project since its very beginning. Our choice was driven by such advantages as detailed close-up images and video analytics capabilities. Today with Axis cameras forming the backbone of video analytics solution we have a chance to acquire up-to-date information about the traffic in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine as well as response to any accidents and emergency situations.” Ignatovskiy Alexandr Valerevich, chief executive officer of JSC “OLLI TRANS”


“Videoprobki” ( is a private project for traffic video surveillance aimed at a wide range of stakeholders: drivers, police, municipal services as well as virtual trip enthusiasts. The core of the project is a software+hardware solution featuring standalone devices (network video cameras, sensors) connected to a common server platform with integrated complex systems for traffic code monitoring and safety management. Video content is available in public network both online and in archive at the web site, as well as in custom-tailored “situation rooms” (personal accounts).


Today about 350 cameras are installed in 11 cities of Ukraine at the most critical highways and crossroads. More than a half of this number is AXIS P-1354 light sensitive fixed network cameras. These models that are also involved in other projects arranged by the telecommunication company, were selected for high visibility of details, perfect assembly, reliability, high-quality sharable video and compatibility with customer platform.


24/7 live stream from cameras allows car drivers to choose the better route, avoid traffic jams or roadblocks and save time. Municipal services and police receive the information about various traffic accidents, which is stored in the archive for 5 days giving an opportunity to investigate accidents and see the big picture. Apart from this, project managers also striving to improve the environmental situation in the country by reducing CO2 emissions.

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