20,000 birds, online!

Using solar-powered Axis cameras, Ubiavis, an environmental preservation organization, offers live online video of wild birds in Northern Chile.

“The municipality of Arica views us as potential strategic partners and if this results in better care and protection of wild birds in the sanctuary, we’re more than happy to collaborate. Our plan is to add more cameras so we don’t need to have a waiting list and so that more bird lovers are able to enjoy this experience.” Julio Silva, Entrepreneur & Founder of Ubiavis.


There are 475 bird species in Chile, which makes the country the perfect destination for ornithology enthusiasts. In the Lluta River Wetlands alone, about 35% of the nation’s bird species are known to nest. The goal of Ubiavis has been to give the user a new tool for bird watching from the comfort of home, and it has overcome several challenges in order to offer comprehensive, high-quality imagery online.


The company chose to install AXIS Q6045-E MKII Network Cameras with a remote access system that allows for the observation of the diverse species that visit the Lluta River Wetlands, and it created an interactive website where ornithologists from all over the world can connect with each another. This next-generation PTZ dome camera – specifically designed for outdoor use and harsh environments – provides a wide-area view 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in 1080p HD quality with 32x optical zoom capability.


The main benefits for bird lovers are the ability to observe live online video featuring some of the 140 species of the Lluta River Wetlands Sanctuary – from wherever on earth they are located – and to be able to fully control the camera view from their computer, zoom in and out, capture photos and create a totally personalized experience. All that any bird lover needs to do is register at www.ubiavis.com, where users can pay a one-dollar fee to gain control of the camera for 15 minutes.

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