Digital Media Technologies pioneers intelligent marketing with Axis cameras.

Outdoor media specialists utilise cameras to develop award-winning advertising projects that capture public interest and deliver uplift in sales.

“As the industry begins to recognise that short, high-impact campaigns are an efficient and cost-effective form of digital advertising, we expect a shift towards this type of intelligent marketing.” Robin Arnold, Sales Director, Digital Media Technologies.


Digital Media Technologies, providers of strategic technology consultancy, execution services and ongoing support related to digital media, utilised Axis cameras to support premium media companies Ocean Outdoor and Signature Outdoor to pioneer the use of intelligent advertising in two discrete campaigns. The first focused on raising awareness of Women’s Aid Day 2015; the second, a game of “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”, promoted the latest J20 drink flavour. These initiatives both deployed network camera technology and were designed to capture the public’s interest and curiosity in order to drive brand awareness and ultimately boost sales conversion rates.


Digital Media Technologies selected the AXIS Q1765–LE Network Camera to undertake the Women’s Aid campaign. This is a bullet-style outdoor-ready network camera offering wide overviews and detailed images over great distances. This would prove crucial in determining when people were looking at the Women’s Aid digital display. The J20 campaign utilised four AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit and an AXIS F44 Main Unit, perfect for discreet surveillance as it can be installed in small spaces with only a pinhole visible for the lens.


The Women’s Aid Day campaign had an estimated global reach of 326 million, with an increase in charitable donations of 24.6 per cent in locations where the advertisements were displayed. The J20 campaign experienced a sales increase of 11.5 per cent in Birmingham while the campaign was live. These figures highlight not only the increased sales during each campaign, but also increased brand awareness.

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