Analyzing the world of volleyball with Axis.

VolleyMetrics deploys Axis network cameras to assist

“I looked at many solutions to speed up and make it easier to record practices and matches. If you look at the ratio between quality and price of Axis cameras and the amount of models offered, Axis is hard to beat.” Giuseppe Vinci, Founder and CEO, VolleyMetrics.


As a need presented itself in the world of NCAA volleyball, VolleyMetrics formed in order to provide an all-in-one video and analysis service to college programs and conference. Past tendencies showed that only a selection of teams able to send staff and equipment to record each of its matches, making some programs heavily reliant on the visiting team to share footage. VolleyMetrics set out to streamline this process and deliver additional value through player tagging and data compilation.


The team at VolleyMetrics assists collegiate programs in purchasing and installing Axis network cameras at various viewpoints in their gymnasiums. Fixed domes fit in spots that often get struck by balls while PTZ cameras give coaches the ability to break down specific focus areas with players during practice sessions. Further, the video from matches transmits back to the VolleyMetrics server where it is broken down and tagged for various events and actions.


Coaches across the country are able to purchase access to a library assembled by VolleyMetrics. There is no longer a need to independently process and share video as this central storage makes video available on the internet to share and watch. Beyond the basic recordings, teams utilize a set of analytics gathered that show basic data sets like serves and touches as well as deeper insights into individual player impact and value.

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