Standing up to heat, rain and humidity

Rio Branco joins list of Brazilian state capitals with digital video surveillance, adding 30 IP cameras that are up to the challenges of its peculiar climate

“As far as the Axis cameras goes, we’re sure they’re a good investment for the Bureau, since not only do the 30 cameras installed in Rio Branco meet all the technical requirements we expected but we’ve also not had a single technical problem in the first three years of use.” Leonardo de Abreu Barroso, public policy manager of the Acre Bureau of Public Safety - SESP.


In 2009, Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state, became one of the first Brazilian cities to install an urban IP video surveillance system. For many years another Amazon capital, Rio Branco, in the neighboring state of Acre, continued handling its urban monitoring using 15 analog cameras. The problem was that this equipment did not survive very long thanks to the challenges of the equatorial climate—high humidity, intense heat, and heavy rains. At one point, none of the city’s 15 cameras were working.


The Rio Branco authorities opened up a Request for Proposals in search of a robust and reliable video surveillance system, with the contract being awarded to Ziva, a partner of Axis. This security system uses 30 AXIS Q6044-E PTZ Network Cameras powered by High Power over Ethernet, which simplified installation. The devices connect to the Monitoring Center of the Acre Bureau of Public Safety through radio links on the 4.9 GHz band – a segment that is only available to public safety authorities. The images are managed using SecurOS software from ISS - Intelligent Security Systems, an Axis manufacturing partner whose highly scalable solution allows the customer to grow their system according to their needs, since there are no limitations on the technology deployed.


During the first two months following deployment of the new system in Rio Branco, 25 arrests were made during the commission of a crime, according to the Public Security of Acre. These images are used by the Civil Police in their research and intelligence work, reducing officers’ physical exposure in risky actions.

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