Axis covers premier New Zealand art gallery

Axis cameras chosen to protect the priceless works of Len Lye, one of the most original artists of the twentieth century

“The objective of installing the Axis cameras is to protect the priceless works of art, sculptures and other displays, as well as the building itself, from damage while generally assisting members of the public. At the same time the Centre was looking to install cameras that are fit-for-purpose in the future as their use of technology such as heat-mapping and people counting grew”. Peter Lind, Managing Director of DataTalk.


The Len Lye Centre at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery houses the work of Len Lye, a filmmaker, artist, writer and one of the most important and influential modernist artists to emerge from New Zealand. Advised and implemented by New Zealand-based systems installation company, DataTalk, the mission was to leverage Axis Communications’ range of cameras and camera technology to offer an overall surveillance solution to meet the complex requirements of the contemporary art museum.


DataTalk worked with Axis to determine the ideal solution for the challenge, given the difficult location for the cameras, the reliability that was needed and the lighting challenges including low and varying lights.


The Len Lye Centre has been extremely pleased with the results. There have been zero issues since the cameras were installed and the coverage has been outstanding. The Len Lye Centre is an extremely high profile building in New Zealand and is set to win awards in architecture and design. Axis is proud to be part of its success and to offer surveillance to ensure its visitors and exhibits stay safe.

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