A safe and secure nursing home with high-resolution video surveillance solution

Axis network cameras deployed at FssilverCare support complete monitoring across the facility

"We have established a perfect video surveillance system to make our residents and their families feel comfortable and safe. With Axis network cameras, we can not only identify trespassers but we are also looking forward to providing higher-quality nursing services while being able to monitor the residents who need sophisticated care all the time.” Kim Jun-young, CEO, FssilverCare.


Opened in March 2016, FssilverCare is a nursing home located in Dongbaek Jigu, Gyeonggi-do that needed a safe operation around the clock. Staffed with experts including first-grade social workers, the nursing home provides welfare services to its residents as comfortable as home. FssilverCare has a site area of about 3,300 m2 with a large parking lot for visitors and a garden filled with flowers and flowering trees. In order to effectively monitor the huge area and provide a safe environment for its residents, FssilverCare decided to introduce a video security system that offered comprehensive support in terms of video transmission, use and management based on high-quality video and networking.


FssilverCare needed a high-resolution video surveillance solution to protect its residents safely, identify the cause of unexpected accidents, if any, and prevent unlawful intrusion. Also, a small and discreetly-designed product was top priority to prevent residents from feeling uneasy about security cameras. Particularly given the characteristics of nursing home, residents are often visited by their families or friends so it is necessary to monitor the entrance and exit of outsiders in real-time. Not only that, residents suffering from certain conditions such as dementia, paralysis or stroke need to be monitored at all times as symptoms may occur any time. To address these issues, FssilverCare has installed Axis network cameras in the interiors and entrance of the nursing home as well as the outer walls of the building.


FssilverCare assessed and compared various products of network camera manufacturers including Axis, putting the focus on high-quality image, camera design, ease of installation and management, and customer service, and then opted for Axis network cameras. The institution also adopted an NVR developed internally by Sungjin SS, an Axis partner having implemented the video security solution.

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