Puebla at the forefront of technology in IP video surveillance

With an investment of 120 million pesos in security, the State Government of Puebla seeks to maintain peace and protect the integrity of its citizens

“Speaking of Axis, we found a video surveillance company has cutting edge engineering. Systems are easy to install and configure with high performance. Allowing monitoring of different parts of the metropolitan area with low cost of transmission, by exploiting the high capacity wireless systems. We found the Ferrari of video.” Moisés Arturo Villaverde Mier, CEO de Mizco Consultores.


With crime rates on the rise in Puebla, concern within the government has also escalated. In 2010, the local crime center reported an increase in offenses in the capital of Puebla, Puebla City. Officials found that about 2,800 incidents had adverse effects due to the lack of security measures. By 2011, that figure rose to 3,200 cases. The government had to find a security strategy to revert this number bring down the number of criminal incidents.


Puebla’s first step was to implement a comprehensive security strategy that would include training and incentives for police forces. These plans were then strengthened with a new model of technology and infrastructure projects. Axis provided network cameras and other necessary elements to meet the urgent needs that the problem required: video imaging in high resolution, high compression protocol efficiency, thorough handling of backlight for analysis and correct visualization of vehicle traffic and in both day and night lighting conditions. It was also essential to maintain secure borders with other states and within the state. As a result, the perimeter of Puebla’s highway was covered as well, a roadway that connects eight major points throughout Mexico: Hidalgo, Mexico City, Mexico State, Morelos, Oaxaca, Querétaro, Tlaxcala and Veracruz.


The combination of high performance Axis network cameras has worked together with a video management system to allow faster response to the safety needs on major road routes in the city. In addition, Puebla became one of the premier townships in the country in regard to surveillance infrastructure.

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