Axis video surveillance for security in San Lucido

Improving safety for citizens and the municipal area

“The quality of the images is the biggest advantage for managing the territory, the City Council is fully satisfied with the system and citizen response has been excellent. The implementation of this project represents an important step for the community, which now has a security service for everyone living here.” Fabio Frangella, Councilman in charge of safety for San Lucido municipality.


The Municipality of San Lucido, a township in the Province of Cosenza, needed a territorial video surveillance system to stem petty crime, counter numerous acts of vandalism against cars and houses, especially at night, to punish brawling and garbage dumping and protect the historical areas, so as to improve the level of safety for its citizens and the municipal area.


The design and implementation of the system was entrusted to GSA, owned by Guido Luigi and based in Polistena (Reggio Calabria), an Axis partner with over thirty years of experience and specialized in advanced security solutions. Altogether GSA installed 36 fixed and speed-dome Axis network cameras at strategic and critical points of the San Lucido municipality, such as intersections, roads, schools, parks and public buildings, including the City Hall, providing the Municipal Administration with an important aid.


The installed system fully satisfies San Lucido’s requirements, as it helps to ensure greater security within the municipal area and protect the townspeople, shops and businesses, offering an advanced, high-level solution through to the use of cutting-edge technologies and products of quality, such as Axis network cameras.

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