Certainty in capturing any event

To view all events regardless of the camera position, the Mato Grosso Bureau of Public Safety uses an Axis video surveillance system donated by a residents’ association

“With this system already in operation and serving its purpose, we’ve seen that the Axis products are well accepted by CIOSP staff and ensure that all the objectives underlying the project scope have been fully achieved.” Sergio Lermen, Security Director of the Alphaville Cuiabá Association.


The city of Cuiabá had an urban video surveillance system, but it was limited in terms of its number of units. The set of 102 cameras was insufficient to cover all the areas that required surveillance, and sometimes incidents failed to be recorded because when events started happening the cameras were facing in another direction. It was clear that the Mato Grosso state Bureau of Public Safety needed to increase the number of cameras in Cuiabá and Várzea Grande that were integrated into the CIOSP—the Integrated Public Safety Operations Center. However, the state government did not have funds to do so.


The Bureau of Public Safety decided to make an appeal to neighborhood, labor, and business organizations, issuing an invitation that established guidelines for the donation of cameras for use in areas not covered by the municipality’s 102 units. The Alphaville Cuiabá Association provided three AXIS Q6044-E Network Cameras, all integrated with AXIS Q6000-E and managed by Genetec software. The project was designed and executed by the integrator Ausec, an Axis partner in Cuiabá, using Witelcom radios.


The partnership between Alphaville Cuiabá and the CIOSP resulted in a significant reduction in police response time to incidents, thanks to the ease in viewing events. Cuiabá became one of the first cities in Brazil to utilize AXIS Q6000-E cameras, which can monitor in all directions simultaneously without losing any detail. The Bureau of Public Safety now plans to install the same technology elsewhere so it will have continuous images of the surrounding environment.

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