Cruise control: protecting an auto dealership operation with Axis

The Rydell Automotive Group implemented a full tank of Axis network cameras to drive away fraud and keep their engines revving

“The cameras have led to major savings for us when a customer complains that something is broken or that we scratched their car; the cameras at 5-megapixels let us zoom in very close to identify if any cracks, chips, dent or scratches were preexisting. We now have that evidence to back us up.” Steve Symons, IT Manager, Rydell Auto Center.


A failing surveillance system with a clunky interface and inability to expand drove the Rydell Automotive Group to seek out a new IP video system that could thrive in light of its fully staffed IT and development departments. As cameras had little room for customization and consistently fell offline, Rydell began its hunt for a solution that would allow it to take control of their video surveillance needs.


High Point Networks specified an expandable system for Rydell of Axis cameras on an Aimetis Symphony platform that can be configured with specific feature sets depending on each camera’s location. Rydell implemented a mix of panoramic views to accompany high-resolution fixed network cameras, creating a blend of general overview with clips that can be heavily analyzed in detail. A selection of fixed dome cameras also adds Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) to storefront and service window environments where lighting may highly differ across the scene.


The network camera system has saved Rydell resources and high costs in countless situations since deployment. When one customer claimed they left a set of expensive golf clubs in their old car prior to purchasing and leaving with their new vehicle, the company was able to provide direct evidence showing the customer removing them from the car while on site. The company is also able to maintain higher safety standards in its service drive, monitoring any potential accidents to protect its workers.

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