Public Administration Institute Prague raises video quality with Axis IP cameras

State-of-the-art system for lecture synchronization made by T-SOFT brings e-learning to a new level

“Thanks to open standard of IP-cameras Axis and high quality images, we composed a solution which is not only affordable and easy to use, but also represents an elegant approach towards the digital era for all educational institutions and conference facilities.” Libor Daněk, sales consultant T-SOFT a.s..


The main purpose of the project was to upgrade the training facility equipment of the Public administration Institute in Prague (IVS), to promote modern methods of training, education, conference events and of acquiring synchronized AV recordings using PreVid applications, which are also used to promote and complement the sales of training services with samples. Employing a mobile workplace with Axis cameras supports the organization's strategic plan to expand with organizing the events into new locations and offer new and complementary types of services.


The project of enhancing training methods follows up a comprehensive overhaul of the training premises and consists of several parts. The obsolete analog technology in the main lecture hall was first replaced, then a mobile (portable) system was installed (including the Axis camera, notebook, audio system and the PreVid application), which ensures fast acquisition and processing of video recordings at any location. The mobile system is used during events held outside permanent facilities throughout the Czech Republic. The given combination makes it possible to cover parallel events, ensure a professional recording quality even outside permanent training facilities, the possibility to offer innovative services, create promotional video recordings with just in-house staff, etc. This innovative approach reduces operating expenses and brings new methods of use. IT staff and trainers operate the IP cameras.


The mobile system (consisting of components made by Axis and T-SOFT) is used at events held outside buildings. The resulting recordings are posted on the website of the Public Administration Institute in Prague (IVS), and they can be played on mobile devices and also offered as new and complementary services. For these purposes, a camera and notebook were selected that feature an outstanding mechanical resilience, recording quality and sufficient recording processing speed.

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