Timber! Sprucing up the industrial process with Axis

Hampton Affiliates branches out operational and safety efforts at lumber mills with network video

“The whole process of bringing everything on board is extremely simple and streamlined. Your engineering team came through and did a phenomenal job paying close attention to our needs and making sure that they understood the seriousness of this operation.” Network Engineer, Hampton Affiliates.


Operating expansive lumber mills across the Pacific Northwest, Hampton Affiliates controls a group of industrial sites that play host to massive pieces of machinery that provide countless risks to staff. With the company’s focus on the creation of forest products, management has a need to identify safety hazards before anybody becomes in danger.


Operators have found a common solution using a mix of Axis fixed and PTZ network cameras running on AXIS Camera Station to keep watch over their expansive facilities. Sticking to just two models of cameras across the over 800 deployed throughout their sites, setups are easily duplicated for countless people to manage and access.


Hampton Affiliates has seen countless scenarios play out in which the video recordings provide high quality answers to operational and safety questions. Engineers are able to proactively address mechanical concerns across the mills and depend on the cameras daily for assistance. The entire process has become extremely simple and streamlined, allowing resources to be reallocated in a more productive manner.

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