Taking the lift up the mountain with Axis

The Town of Vail reacts to frosty conditions and provides safety to its visitors using Axis network cameras

“Every year it seems somebody or some group come to town trying to scam retailers and steal clothing, jewelry and everything else. The Axis cameras are then instrumental in identifying those individuals. During busy times, police use the footage almost daily.” Ron Braden, Director, IT Department, Town of Vail.


From ski season to the summertime packed with special events, the Town of Vail in Colorado handles a heavy dose of visitors throughout the year. With people coming and going very frequently, the town’s IT department was tasked with combing through ideas and sculpting a best solution in order to meet multiple parties’ needs. Those concerns came from multiple angles, including security, traffic control and live streaming demands.


Implementing a multi-platform over time with the help of a local integrator, the town specified Axis cameras covering all of the grounds necessary. In turn, they chose a variety of technology and hardware partners in order to piece together the highest performing and most efficient solution possible that would not give them hiccups in the middle of a busy day. As the roads get congested at times, the town focused on wireless infrastructure as well as bolstering their underground fiber connections.


Fully transitioned from an analog system to one packed with IP cameras, the town has found a high amount of success in providing the police department with proper footage to pursue their leads while also covering multiple other projects, including live streaming and time-lapse creation. The town now captures footage on the Milestone XProtect® platform and even uses the Aimetis People Counter for the purpose of future event planning.

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