IP video promotes sustainable fisheries

Axis network cameras help on-board biologist observers in their work and assist in certification of fishing industry best practices

“Using Axis network cameras along with Satlink Seatube system elements has allowed us to obtain complete certification that our catches are being made in a sustainable manner, and in compliance with the regulations in effect at all times and in all fishing zones.” Julio Morón, Managing Director of OPAGAC.


The Spanish tuna industry is number one in the European market and among the top-producing in the world, due on a large extent to its focus on industry sustainability. OPAGAC is Spain’s principal organization of purse-seine fishing companies. The tuna fishing industry is highly regulated and through several administrative changes requirements by fisheries authorities have become increasingly demanding in regards to accountability of catches.


With the purpose of ensuring transparency of its activities, OPAGAC opted to voluntarily establish a pioneer fisheries monitoring system. The organization called upon the services of satellite telecommunications specialist and Axis partner, Satlink, for the development of the new SeaTube Electronic Observation System. The system required installing between six and eight IP cameras on each seiner ship and enables precise, 24-hour electronic monitoring from land.


The system provides accurate, reliable and independent information to fisheries authorities and the community regarding fishing activities, methods, catch yields, discards and encounters with protected species. It has also increased observational data coverage in all types of fisheries and may be considered as an alternative method of data collection in situations where having an observer on board is not possible.

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