BIT improves security and customer satisfaction with Axis IP cameras

IP cameras and license plate recognition enhance customer satisfaction with data center

“It is magnificent to see Axis’ hardware and software join up seamlessly. Our security system is now completely automated. The human element has been completely removed from the equation, in spite of about one thousand users.” Teun Vink, Security Manager at BIT.


BIT wanted to automate the security procedure of its data centers.


At the access gates of the BIT grounds, four Axis cameras have been installed which are able to read the license plates of the cars at the gate. The other cameras are installed in a more elevated position and can be controlled based on pre-sets. The cameras are part of a solution used by BIT staff and a select number of customers. The system checks whether the client has been registered on the portal and whether a car with the same license plate has already entered the grounds. When a client drives up to the access gate, a camera zooms in so the BIT employee can see who is in the car. A picture is taken of the customer with an Axis camera. The camera system is completely integrated into BIT’s central IT system.


The BIT security system is completely automated. The human element has been completely removed from the equation. There are no hurdles to overcome before gaining access. In future, customers will not even need to push a button or maneuver their car close to a card reader. BIT customers can rely on a safe data center, partly due to the visibility of the cameras. The camera system proactively sends notifications if a camera is inactive or tampered with. Due to AXIS Camera Station, recordings that are no longer allowed to be saved are now removed automatically. The video footage is high quality and easy to control with software. BIT can access the required information easily and integrate it into their system.

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