Calix viaduct adopts Automatic Incident Detection with intelligent cameras

Real-time video analysis for traffic management

“The previous 40-minute average intervention times have been cut in half since our smart cameras were installed.” Pierre Apicella, manager at CIGT.


The Center for Traffic Engineering and Management (CIGT) in Caen is in charge of managing traffic and real-time information for the police, emergency services and users, and of maintaining the equipment on the highways of the Manche/Calvados district. One of its responsibilities is the Calix viaduct, one of the most heavily used parts of the Caen bypass, with traffic density of 83,000 vehicles a day. Almost 2,500 incidents occur at this sensitive, strategic structure each year (traffic jams, accidents, wandering animals, etc.), and they require intervention. CIGT has a natural interest in AID — automatic incident detection — for optimizing its intervention procedures.


SmartTraffic-AID, from Citilog, is deployed in eight AXIS Q1635-E Network Cameras located to the north and south of the viaduct. Real-time image analysis allows detection alarms to be sent automatically to the operators. The operators can immediately launch the right intervention procedure for each incident while informing users and public organizations of the situation.


Since the system was installed, patrols’ intervention time has been cut in half, precise information can be transmitted quickly to users and public organizations, and CIGT has been satisfied with the solution’s reliability. Now the Calix viaduct is serving as a reference in France for applying AID to traffic management.

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