Persistent Systems Ltd. builds a safer workplace with Axis solution

Installation ensures centralized video surveillance and increased operational efficiency

“We wanted a video surveillance security solution which provides reliability, simplicity and good quality image. With the deployment of the Axis cameras, we have received a complete solution in terms of reducing the burden of security guards, accessing and reviewing video footage real time and increasing the security and safety of all the employees.” Govind Joshi, Senior General Manager (Administration), Persistent Systems Ltd.


Persistent Systems Ltd., a global software developer in India, recognized the need to provide a safe and secure business environment to the employees working in its Hinjawadi, Pune office space. Spread across 5 acres and perimeter 850 meters, Persistent Systems Ltd. was looking for an effective security system. The main objective, while planning the video surveillance system was to provide 24/7 surveillance within the complex and monitor key zones like the driveways, its three entrances and the periphery around it. The customer was looking for an intelligent video surveillance solution to address the following concerns: efficient monitoring of the premises, improved capability for incident response during disasters and crime prevention and control. The only way to achieve this was through the deployment of an advanced security system supported by cutting-edge products.


As with any commercial property, the perimeter of the property poses risks in terms of stray incidents of unauthorized entry and misplacement of articles. Unicom Infotel Pvt. Ltd., Persistent Systems Ltd.’s security system integrator, selected AXIS P1354-E Network Camera, to secure the entire perimeter. The cameras provide HDTV video quality and has Axis’ Lightfinder technology that provides outstanding light sensitivity. The outdoor cameras have been installed at prominent locations across the premises to effectively monitor the entrances and exits, parking areas and the roads running in front and behind the property. A total of 14 cameras were installed for this project.


The installation of the Axis surveillance system in Hinjawadi campus have simplified the coordination with other departments, shortened response time and increased operational efficiency and alerts the system to immediately react to any unusual situations.

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