Axis cameras contribute to a more transparent town hall environment

The city of Prostějov finds solution for streaming videos from council meetings

“PUBLICSTREAM® has not only provided access for general public to the municipal meetings, but it has also raised city hall transparency in a very convenient way for people and helped us to rank among the technological leaders in this regard.” RNDr. Alena Rašková, Mayor of Prostějov.


The local authority in Prostějov decided to heed the demand of citizens for greater transparency and broadcasting, and announced a tender procedure for a project concerning live streaming of all important council meetings. The installation entailed a number of issues, such as where to place the cameras in the listed building’s interior.


Mediawork, which has been providing video broadcasts of council meetings since 2008 when they still worked with analog technology, served the needs of Prostějov city council by employing their own PUBLICSTREAM® system which utilizes modern Axis IP dome network cameras and the advantage of a fully open API. This approach enabled the creation of a unique solution that combines top-quality image with the intelligent features of IP cameras.


Mediawork installed two AXIS P5534 Network Dome Cameras for the purpose of live Internet broadcasting. The solution enabled coverage of the entire designated area with the possibility to record voting representatives, speakers and top executives seated opposite the city without disrupting the aesthetics of the historic hall. This could be done with the help of cameras designed to be supplied directly through the UTP cable without the need of any other camera-power source. The unique solution for the live council broadcasts combines an image with fully synchronized sound, but also with voting results on the screens of voting machines.

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