Axis solution paves way for Jaguar Land Rover to go beyond

Camsecure and Axis collaborate to customise a solution that not only improves efficiencies, but puts customers at the heart of the brand experience

“The creative customisation of this simple Axis network camera has helped Jaguar Land Rover South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa reprioritize customer service, improve the experience with our brand and better manage our operating efficiencies and resources. And, as a first in the industry, this unique device has given us the competitive advantage to further differentiate our offering.” Steve Coxley, Technical Services Manager, Jaguar Land Rover South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa.


Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) approached Axis partner, Camsecure, to find a cost-effective solution to solve high level technical concerns remotely. The headquarters’ technical team devoted a significant amount of time out of office traveling to any one of the 44 dealerships across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, identifying atypical challenges onsite. JLR commissioned Camsecure to provide an innovative solution to increase their technical team’s ability to offer the same level of assistance from a central office, whilst improving the customer’s experience by expediting the service turnaround time.


Camsecure partnered with Axis to develop a unique and affordable solution. The collaboration led to the customisation of AXIS M1034-W Network Cameras to serve as a ‘third eye’ so to speak. The Axis network camera’s wireless capability, LED illumination, and two-way audio was fashioned into a headgear device that produces a live video stream to show, in real-time, what the technician on-the-ground sees.


This Axis network camera kit is the first of its kind in the automotive industry and its success could see it rolling out to other geographically challenged regions. This innovative device cancels out any dealer guesswork when facing rare/unique complications, whilst having an expert observe the problem area means that cars are repaired quicker. Furthermore, the fast turnaround time positively impacts on customer experience, plus time and travel costs will decrease significantly over time.

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