Axis Communications and Tenevia help CNR optimize its photovoltaic energy production

Axis network cameras help visualize local cloud cover in real time and predict drops in photovoltaic energy production

“This solution helps fine tune short-term production forecasting for the photovoltaic parks. With it will come intelligent management of storage resources and additional production so as to compensate for irregularities in photovoltaic production. This will allow us to provide a smoother energy supply over time, and to limit gaps in our forecasts. It will help balance out the electrical distribution network.” Guillaume Bontron, manager of CNR’s Management Center for Intermittent Production.


CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhône) is France’s number-one producer of certified 100% renewable electricity. Part of its production comes from photovoltaic parks whose production may be randomly interrupted by cloud cover. However, starting in 2016, it became necessary for each new photovoltaic park to provide the most accurate possible production estimates. How could CNR anticipate cloud cover and meet this obligation?


Tenevia is a specialist in developing innovative environmental measurement solutions through image analysis. CNR contacted them to co-develop the Tenevia Cloud- Board® system. This solution is equipped with an AXIS M3027-PVE Network Camera with a 360° fisheye lens and image analysis software — and it can predict approaching clouds. It allows CNR to intelligently manage its storage resources and additional production.


When the testing phase is over, CNR plans to deploy the solution by installing Axis cameras at several of its photovoltaic parks by early 2017. For the future, the idea is to deploy this technology internationally at other latitudes to implement an intelligent camera network that will extend the forecasting range.

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