Cracking the case with Axis

University of Tulsa elevates campus surveillance to an art form with Axis high-resolution network cameras and Agent Vi analytics

“Given past events at other universities across the country, we knew we needed to re-evaluate our whole surveillance operation. We wanted a more reliable system with good quality video that could keep us abreast of what was happening on our campus, at the museum, and our research center. The Axis portfolio of cameras more than fit the bill.” William Redding, Assistant Director of Security Technology and Card Services.


As the University of Tulsa’s (TU) aging analog cameras began to fail, they started replacing them with a mix of IP-based technology from multiple vendors. Within a year, those cameras failed, which led the university on a search for a more reliable alternative. They were seeking a solution that could deliver better resolution and support an array of analytics to address the typical security challenges of an urban campus. The system also needed to be advanced enough to protect priceless artwork and artifacts housed in the GIlcrease Museum as well as the newly constructed Helmerich Center for American Research, both managed by the university.


With guidance from JTI Security, a Tulsa-based integrator and Axis partner, the university replaced its end-of-life analog cameras with more than 300 high-resolution, fixed dome and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) network cameras from Axis. Each camera model was chosen based on its ability to deliver crisp, high-quality video in specific lighting conditions. Agent Vi and other analytics embedded in the cameras provide real-time and forensic assistance in investigating events. The few legacy cameras still in working order are attached to Axis video encoders and integrated into the network-based surveillance solution. Campus security monitors and controls the cameras remotely from the university’s Dispatch Center through an OnSSI Ocularis video management system (VMS).


The ability of the cameras to capture exceptional video quality helped campus security locate a student’s stolen property in just 37 minutes. In another instance, camera analytics also drew security’s attention to a car moving erratically in a parking lot; staff immediately contacted local police who dispatched paramedics to the scene and saved the life of the driver who was having a stroke.

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