Modern trains in harsh environments need innovative safety solutions

ATrain secures and optimizes its rail service with Axis network cameras and laser-based perimeter control from Embsec

“Installation was very simple. It always is with Axis cameras – hardly any adjustment is ever needed. It is right the first time – not after ten attempts, which can be the case with other types of cameras.” Johan Elliott, Key Account Manager at NOKAS.


ATrain AB owns and operates rail services between Stockholm and Arlanda Airport. The trains, which are more commonly known by the name Arlanda Express, operate on the Arlanda Line, one of few privately operated railroad lines in Sweden. ATrain currently owns seven trains and one train workshop. The company decided in the summer of 2015 to install a camera solution at train stations and depots to prevent crime and vandalism and to enable the management of operative tasks, such as monitoring flows of travelers, checking signs, elevators and escalators, and making sure that the ticket machines are working.


Arlanda Express trains operate in a relatively harsh environment used frequently by a lot of people. The challenge was to find good locations for the cameras and make sure that these locations actually covered all the areas that needed to be monitored. Another challenge to overcome was the lighting conditions, which would require high-quality cameras. The solution chosen was a combination of Axis network cameras and Embsec’s laser-based perimeter control, VFence.


ATrain has zero tolerance when it comes to graffiti and vandalism. Besides the high costs for cleaning the trains, there is also a considerable risk of injury to the perpetrators of these crimes, as there are high-voltage power lines in the areas around the tracks and depots which could easily lead to hazardous situations. After the cameras and VFence were installed, only two incidents have occurred and both of these could be averted in time without vandalism or accident.

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