Application of Axis HD camera in smart oil depot

Introduction of video surveillance system for Sinopec Tianjin National Crude Oil Reserve Base

“Images captured by Axis cameras are clear and smooth. Especially the HD images which the AXIS Q8722-E Network Camera provides of the oil tanks, and the thermal rotation camera shows the actual height of crude oil in the tank and the movement of personnel in the tank area whether during the day or night. They are of great help for our production management. Moreover, the pre-sale and after-sale services of Axis are efficient and professional. The cooperation with Axis this time has been pleasant and successful.” Production control center of Sinopec Tianjin National Crude Oil Reserve Base.


Sinopec Tianjin National Crude Oil Reserve Base, as one of the four new smart oil depots built by Sinopec in 2015, adopted high-level IoT technology, system integration technology and network communication technology to fully benefit from the functions and efficiency of the sub-systems and ensure the safety and efficiency during production, storage and transportation. As a subsystem of smart depot, the depot video surveillance system forms a security barrier integrating personal protection, physical protection and technical protection by virtue of video information, and plays a key role in security and production management of the depot. Meanwhile, video information is provided to other smart subsystems through the network, making up a complete smart depot system to facilitate the user’s production and operation management and emergency command decision-making.


The video surveillance system of Sinopec Tianjin National Crude Oil Reserve Base adopted full HD video surveillance system to give full play to the advantages of digital video such as high definition, storage, transmission, image quality and multiple applications, and form a customized CCTV system for the depot.


> The video terminal allows the user to browse the image caught by any HD camera of any depot conveniently, supports the display of video in single window, four windows or 16 windows, and enables easy playback of image history and PTZ control > The video surveillance system can interact with perimeter intrusion systems, and leverage the alarm video client to help security personnel find real-time video and image of the alarm zone and handle the alarm in a timely manner > The video surveillance system can interact seamlessly with the depot’s fire alarm system, and leverages the fire alarm system client to display image of related camera in case of any fire alarm with the oil tank so that the user can handle the alarm in a timely manner > The video and image can be uploaded to subsystems such as the geographical information system of the smart depot and the command scheduling system the HD cameras of Axis provide details of the spot to help local or remote users implement command decision-making or production management

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