From one Carnival to the next

More than 800 Axis cameras protect the Bahia population, support tourism and events like the World Cup and Olympics.

“The cameras help to identify various types of crime, in addition to traffic violations. Cameras like this allow planning to optimize the police force’s role in the most violent areas, and to use images both preventively as well as for evidence in shedding light on a crime.” Lieutenant-Colonel Marcos Oliveira, Secretary of Public Safety of Bahia (SSP-BA)


Bahia has had an intense schedule. Its capital, Salvador, was one of the six host cities of the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2013. In the same year, Costa do Sauípe, north of the capital, set the stage for the World Cup draw. In 2014, Salvador attracted worldwide attention as a World Cup host city, and in the following year hosted one of the qualifying matches for the 2018 World Cup. In addition, the Rio 2016 Olympics will also have soccer matches in the city. At the same time, Bahia welcomes thousands of tourists for Carnival and other festivities throughout the year, with the challenge of ensuring the safety of citizens and tourists in the midst of all of this activity.


Since 2013, the Bahia Secretary of Public Safety has been modernizing and expanding its video surveillance system with Axis network cameras and software from Digifort, an Axis partner. The old analog system initially received 235 AXIS Q6032-E Network Cameras. In view of the results, another 400 of the same cameras were purchased the next year, followed by another 165of the AXIS Q6044-E model. In 2015, 35 cameras were added, with plans to keep expanding.


With many cases solved with the help of imagery, Bahia saw a drop in the number of intentional violent crimes. Operators can now identify a vehicle’s license plate up to 400 meters away, allowing fines to be given to perpetrators. The cameras were also a strategic asset in police work involving demonstrations during international events. And Carnaval, of course, has been captured in all of its colors in HD quality.

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