Axis HD cameras help achieve surveillance for commercial reserve depot in Cao Feidian

Introduction of video surveillance system for Sinopec (Cao Feidian) commercial crude oil depot

“The oil depot adopted Axis cameras which deliver very clear and smooth surveillance image, providing great help in our production management. Meanwhile, Axis’s pre-sale and after-sale services are also highly efficient and professional. This cooperation with Axis makes us very comfortable.” Instrument Engineer of Sinopec (Cao Feidian) Commercial Crude Oil Depot.


Sinopec (Cao Feidian) Commercial Crude Oil Reserve Base is the third largest commercial crude oil reserve base in China and is composed of 32 100,000 m3 large floating-roof crude oil tanks, oil transfer pump stations and firehouses. With the completion of the commercial crude oil reserve base, Sinopec established a complete loading & unloading, storage and transportation system in Cai Feidian, laying a foundation for the construction of large refining base and playing a supportive role in the development of the petrochemical industry in Cao Feidian and even North China. To meet the needs of production operation, fire prevention as well as security protection and management, a surveillance system was set in the reserve base. The main purpose was to monitor the oil tank area, firehouse, fire pump station, power substation, oil transfer pump house, enclosing walls and main intersections to discover risk incidents and provide alarms and fire indication. The video surveillance solution should be connected to the surrounding alarm systems.


The network video system from Axis is based on open IP standards and has storage and management system constructed on the computer LAN system. The system includes IP cameras, video management and streaming media servers, video storage servers, TV surveillance terminals, etc.


The surveillance system can use any microcomputer/laptop on the network as the surveillance client. This solution eliminated the need of dedicated surveillance room and enabled the staff and management to check the image required whenever and wherever possible.

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