Setting football records with Axis

Axis network cameras form backbone of security video surveillance system at Vazgen Sargsyan Republican Stadium in Armenia

“To host the UEFA games everything at Vazgen Sargsyan Stadium had to comply with the required standards, including the video surveillance system. Now, thanks to the Axis equipment, we can monitor every square meter of the stadium and recognize people and objects in detail in order to prevent any potential accidents.” Arthur Azaryan, head of licensing, Football Federation of Armenia.


Vazgen Sargsyan Republican Stadium was built in the capital of Armenia in 1937. Modernization of the stadium started in the late 2000s with the goal of bringing it up to UEFA standards to host the national football team. In particular, the stadium had to be equipped inside and outside with fixed color cameras with pan/tilt motors, allowing for highly detailed images that could be controlled from the stadium management center.


When designing the security video surveillance system for Vazgen Sargsyan Stadium, the Football Federation of Armenia decided to go for Axis products. Such criteria as image quality, high durability of cameras, and the altogether top-of-the-line quality of the products were taken into account. IU Networks installed AXIS Q6045-E, AXIS P5414-E, and AXIS P5534-E PTZ Network Cameras as well as AXIS P1354-E Fixed Network Cameras and AXIS Camera Station software for video surveillance.


Currently, the Republican Stadium is equipped with 56 Axis IP cameras arranged in such a way as to cover every square meter of the territory, from the main entrance to the terrace, and identify people and objects inside the viewing angle. Such a video surveillance system ensures security and efficient monitoring at every entrance and exit, prevents possible accidents, and continuously operates in any climatic conditions.

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