DHL Express benefits from Axis IP cameras

Reliable video surveillance system help DHL Express guarantee high quality services with improved security and operations efficiency

“In 2012, when we started equipping our offices and working areas with a new video surveillance system, our task was to select a reliable system that would not only provide a high-quality image but also enable extensive video content analysis. We studied the market profile, carried out the internal research of video surveillance systems, and considered the recommendations of our partners. Based on these research considerations, we chose Axis Communications. After all, as a leader in our field, DHL is willing to cooperate with companies that strive for the same level of high-quality service.” Sergey Schepilov, audit and security expert, DHL Express.


DHL, established in Russia in 1984, is a global leader in the field of international express delivery and logistics. Currently, the DHL Express network covers more than 5,000 locations across the country, with about 150 offices in more than 120 cities. The major priority for such a wide-scale logistics company is the quality of customer service—implying an ability to track cargo at every stage, consider the workload of every station, and monitor progress in other areas of operational activity. In this context, the growing requirements for a video surveillance system demanded a huge modernization and replacement of analog cameras with IP cameras in a number of cities served by DHL Express.


In 2012, DHL began the installation of new video surveillance systems, featuring Axis network cameras, in their offices and working areas. Thus, the type and model of every Axis camera had to be selected individually in each case because this project covered hundreds of sites across the country that had different functions and climatic conditions.


Now, most of the company’s sites are equipped or have plans to be equipped with a number of cameras of different types and models. The following network cameras are involved in the project: outdoor and indoor cameras, dome cameras and cameras with panoramic view, PTZ and fixed cameras, etc. In some cases, the following intelligent video capabilities are used: video record in the event of motion detection, IR, and LED illumination.

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