Guarding the stadium and assisting with football training simultaneously

National Training Center SFZ Poprad chooses unique solution of Canex EYRIE System with Axis network cameras

“We wanted to build the system not only because it is required by law, but in order to provide sufficient data to increase safety during mass events. From the very beginning our aim was to provide the customer with more than just a safety solution in line with the law.” Ivan Boďa, Canex s.r.o.


The National Training Center of the Slovak Football Association (SFZ) in Poprad serves the representative teams of the Slovak Republic in all age categories and is also suitable for the organization of competitions, qualifications as well as friendly matches. The stadium offers above-standard conditions with top service, including modern conference rooms. During recent reconstruction, it was necessary to install a new camera system. SFZ was familiar with Axis cameras and the Canex unique solution with camera nests, which were used in the Slovakian stadium in Bratislava. They wanted to use the same in Poprad, but they got much more.


By law the total monitored area in the stadium and its immediate surroundings must have a definition of at least 100px per meter, which is, however, insufficient for purposes of identification. Canex applied a combined system using several cameras in one point with added PTZ, by which they achieved a definition of more than 500px per meter with at least 10 fps using a lower number of cameras. The cWatch operating software and Canex’s own development for unique control of the Axis PTZ cameras has been used as reliable VMS proven itself in more than a thousand installations. The entire control of the Canex Eyrie System has a highly intuitive interface based on touchscreen monitors.


After just three minutes, anyone is able to operate the Canex Eyrie System. The operator just needs to see the specific place in a wider shot and almost immediately gets a close-up image. The system serves as a preventive tool and can be connected to other system as well. Currently, for example, the camera system is connected to an information board and large screen for visitors. At the same time it can also be used within the training process, when moving cameras can be directed at specific parts of the playing area to record training or monitor maintenance when there are no matches. Thus, within the price of the security solution, which is required by law, the customer also receives additional functions as a bonus.

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