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Village of Westmont steps up building security with Axis network door controllers and AXIS Entry Manager

“Under our old access control systems, anyone authorized to use a door could come in whenever they wanted. Now we can program the user directory with employee schedules and the schedules of service people and other outsiders coming in to use our facilities and lock down their access privileges to a set window of time. It makes our buildings more secure.” Glen Liljeberg, Director of Information Technology for the Village of Westmont.


The Village of Westmont, on the outskirts of metropolitan Chicago, had been using four separate access control systems to secure the entrances to its municipal buildings. The village’s IT department wanted to consolidate systems to streamline operations and more tightly manage user access privileges. They also wanted to ramp up security with access control on key interior doors. When grant money was offered by the State of Illinois, the IT Department began searching for a network-based solution that would be easier to maintain, less complex to deploy and highly programmable to support more credentialing options and improve building security around the clock.


Westmont chose the AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller, which allowed the village to keep its legacy card readers and keypads, door locks and door position sensors. The network door controllers were installed on exterior and interior doors in five government sites. The IT Department uses the AXIS Entry Manager solution to quickly configure the hardware and update the user directory from any authorized computer on the network. IT also installed two standalone AXIS A1001 Controllers with their own independent AXIS Entry Manager to further control user access to sensitive areas.


Because the system is less complicated to maintain, the IT Department has been able to install and manage the system in-house, saving Westmont an estimated $15,000 a year in third-party service contracts. Since the network door controllers are highly programmable, IT can not only tightly control of who has access to any given door in any given building but also restrict that access by day of the week and time of the day or night.

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