Axis cameras supervise Prague Zoo and illustrate animal life

Capturing stories from Prague Zoo requires high quality surveillance solution

“We've deployed Axis cameras in Prague Zoo in key installations, where quality and reliable transmission is a must. Sophisticated software, enabling detailed settings of camera and high quality video images, is among the main assets. Another important aspect is reliability, both of the cameras and Axis itself. Thanks to their long tradition, we know that issues with incompatibility of individual Axis products are not a risk. And that support will always be available, which is necessary for us as well as for smooth functioning of the surveillance system in Prague Zoo.” Petr Šach, ESPRIT Machine.


Nowadays world-famous and modern zoos are able to offer visitors undisturbed experience while ensuring their safety during tour at individual exposure complex or in pavilions. Prague Zoo proposed such an approach as well. Taking into consideration continuous development and ongoing preventive measures in the flood area, the environment of Prague Zoo is very dynamic. Terrain challenges had to correspond with deployment of a sophisticated IP camera system to match the current trends in the field of video surveillance. Establishment of live video broadcasting was a great challenge as well. Fans of the zoo consider online broadcasts as a pleasant enhancement of their home multimedia entertainment. However, all this creates great demands in the field of quality and availability of the transmitted videos, and the quality of the whole solution.


Prague Zoo’s surveillance system runs on 16 servers with the NUUO system, which are integrated in a local network. There are a total of 116 cameras at Prague Zoo, 14 of which are Axis network cameras. Two of them are used for security purposes – one monitors an elephant simulator for children, which imitates a journey through a jungle on an elephant’s back, and the other enables surveillance over the guest residence. The other Axis cameras are deployed in key installations, where quality and reliable surveillance over animals is necessary, with the option of public broadcasting – e.g., live coverage from the gorilla pavilion or monitoring the incubation of monitor lizards.


The surveillance system in Prague Zoo is robust and represents a solution which is sufficiently scalable to respond to changes in the premises’ layout and new requirements of zookeepers for supervision over animals, and other options for public video transmission. Axis cameras provide uninterrupted monitoring in top quality. This contributes towards the perception of Prague Zoo as a modern and continuously growing institution in the eyes of visitors.

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