São Paulo police adopt high-tech solutions for expressways

High-definition cameras provide support for a strategic initiative on the most important roadways in the city

“The broad portfolio of Axis cameras was critical to our primary goal in 2015: reinventing our image-based surveillance platform.” Captain Fabiano of the Military Police of São Paulo State.


Marginal Tietê and Marginal Pinheiros are the two most important expressways in São Paulo. Together they are 47 km long and handle more than 500,000 vehicles a day. These roadways are the scenes of accidents, acts of protest and various types of criminal activity. The job of policing these expressways and maintaining law and order falls to the São Paulo State Military Police (PMESP), who are concerned with finding strategic initiatives to improve intelligence and prevention. This search for analytical capabilities led the military police to expand and modernize its monitoring system along these routes.


The surveillance system uses 82 AXIS Q60-E Network Cameras which are managed using video surveillance software from Genetec, an Axis partner. Their high-definition images allow a detailed and comprehensive overview of events on the two roadways, day and night. Operators at the control center can select persons or objects and use auto-tracking to monitor their movements.


The success of the Axis cameras on Marginal Tietê and Marginal Pinheiros led the military police to try out the AXIS Q6045-E Mk II Network Camera integrated with an AXIS Q6000-E unit as an accessory camera. The test was conducted using the open space underneath the suspended structure of the São Paulo Art Museum (MASP), one of the greatest symbols of the city, located on Avenida Paulista. The solution, which allows the operator to zoom in to view details without losing wide-range overview capabilities, was evaluated as a potentially important tool to assist the São Paulo police in their strategic crime-fighting efforts. In the end, the military police decided to purchase 20 AXIS Q6000-E units. This way, in addition to monitoring Marginal Tiete and Marginal Pinheiros, São Paulo has become the first city in South America to undertake a large-scale deployment of the simultaneous display concept using AXIS Q6000-E.

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