Preventing crime in smaller towns and municipalities without external funding

Sokolnice Municipality takes active approach against crime with tailored surveillance system using Axis network cameras

“The system is invulnerable since a dedicated network is involved, where all circuits meet in a single protected location.” Jan Hotovec, Comimpex.


The South Moravian municipality of Sokolnice has decided to build its own surveillance system. The locals have never worked with such technology before. Installation of the surveillance system was top priority for municipal council in field of crime prevention. According to the assignment, the municipal police were to be in charge of the system.


In Sokolnice, in contrast to some other municipalities that have had some experience with surveillance systems, the project with network cameras was built from scratch. From the technical perspective, a problem with powering outdoor cameras located on street lights was to be resolved. The cameras’ task is to transfer footage to a unified storage, which is secured due to personal data protection. The integrator had to find a suitable Internet service provider. The surveillance system takes into account utilization of smart functions, such as license plate recognition.


There are total of 16 cameras operating in Sokolnice. Eight of them are located on the shopping centre building, school facade, parking and scrapyards. Four cameras are located on the facade of the chapel covering each cardinal point and two are at the beginning and two at the end of the municipality. These monitor incoming and outgoing cars. The municipality established a close partnership with the Internet service provider, Vivo Connection, which provides dedicated connectivity for the surveillance system. An agreement with Eon, the electricity provider, has also been concluded. The cameras are powered from a public source and from a back-up battery in case of outages. The recorded video content is gathered in a unified storage within a dedicated network. CxC, a proprietary video management system from Comimpex is used.

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