Axis network cameras protect passengers in Deutsche Bahn intercity trains

Situation on German railroads monitored with surveillance system

“An important reason to use IP cameras was the high image resolution that the cameras offer. Another reason was the reduction in cabling thanks to use of power and data transmission over a single cable (PoE).” Jürgen Fuchs, Indanet.


During construction of intercity train cars for Deutsche Bahn, Škoda Transportation had a request for equipping passenger interiors with a recording surveillance system, to comply with standards for railway equipment and to fulfil requirements for use of video in security applications in public transportation.


Deployment of cameras in the train interiors was handled by a German system integrator, Indanet GmbH. The system uses its own software solution for camera control nxDataHub, which interconnects nxVide recording devices with other systems in a common network. NxDataHub collects information from all devices in the system, analyzes it and makes it available for train set diagnostics.


Deutsche Bahn trains fulfill the requirement for video recording from IP cameras on the Nuremberg-Ingolstadt-Munich line. Every car is equipped with an independent recording device. Each train set is equipped with 72 cameras, while there are a total of 6 train sets. AXIS P3904–R Network Cameras were used solely for integration, which only differ in the various lenses by 3.6mm and 2.8mm. The cameras actively use a camera covering detection feature, but no further image data analyses are performed.

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