Road accidents on Ruta del Maipo curbed by cameras

A strategic highway in Chile decreased the number of traffic incidents by 40% by adopting Axis cameras to monitor hundreds of kilometers

“To control 237 kilometers of roads is a complex operation. The video surveillance system that we implemented with Axis dome network cameras proved to be indispensable for us to act in time and with a proper response, so as to offer quality service on a safe road, which is positive both for the users and for our company.” Ignacio Gutiérrez, IT and Toll Systems Chief, Ruta del Maipo.


Ruta del Maipo, the road that connects Santiago to southern cities, is a key route for the Chilean economy. It’s used by drivers who travel either to the south or north of the country, including inter-regional and international cargo transportation vehicles. It’s also used by truck drivers who take products from industrial zones to the Metropolitan Region of Santiago and to the ports. This concession comprises 237 kilometers, which give way to a flow of vehicles that sometimes reaches 3,000 per hour. Thanks to its expedited connection of the metropolitan region with the south of Chile, Maipo helps with the local traffic by incorporating the highest security standards.


The solution deployed consists of 30 Axis network cameras installed by local company Aplica Ingeniería, an Axis partner, integrated with a video and logistics administration system using video management software. The system uses optic fiber to establish connection with the control room, which in turn is connected to police and emergency services.


The main benefit was the 40% reduction on the number of car accidents by improving the capacity of emergency services to react to events both in a preventive and reactive way using Axis cameras. These advantages were directly translated into better services for drivers who use the highway.

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