eLearning platform at its best, using Axis network cameras

CENAFER’s students now have much easier access to knowledge

“We are confident that the new online teaching system will prove itself in time. The technology upgrade needed for educational and training processes is an undeniable requirement.” Vasile Dinu, CENAFER Logistics Director.


Up until now, all courses organized by CENAFER, The National Center of Railway Qualification and Training, required the presence of trainers in each of the eight CENAFER offices around the country. This meant an investment of both time and money. The mission of this project was to find a way to optimize all these costs, including travel and accommodations for trainers.


The answer to CENAFER’s challenges was offered by the technical advantages of Axis network cameras. In specific training classes at each of the eight regional offices, two types of cameras were installed and configured: AXIS P3364-V and AXIS M3004-V Network Cameras. This new set-up allowed the trainers and the students to be present at any of the CENAFER regional centers and not in a specific one, as previously required. AXIS P3364-V streams live images of the teacher to the students, while AXIS M3004-V plays the opposite role of streaming images of the classroom/students to the teacher.


People working in the railway industry need to attend training workshops on a regular basis to obtain various certifications. Thanks to the Axis solution, the company can now deliver training workshops to much larger groups of students in a shorter period of time, while significantly reducing CENAFER’s associated costs. From the students’ perspective, the waiting time for attending a workshop is now significantly reduced.

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