Analytical functions of Axis cameras increase turnover of company

State-of-the-art cloud-based solution YouLook generates recommendations for business improvements

“We have come to a conclusion that purchase of a cloud solution in combination with smart Axis cameras is the best choice for the moment. Now we can be sure that our customers will be satisfied no matter what our shop they visit and what service they use.” Svetlana Lenkina, commercial director of chain healthcare magazines

Mission was established in 2001. Their main business is selling goods for physical rehabilitation and social adaptation (including rehabilitation and home medical equipment, orthopedic appliances, diabetic-friendly food, etc.) in 44 shops across Russia. Striving to improve the quality of service and optimize sales, the management of the company implements state-of-the-art technologies in its facilities. Thus, the joint solution of Axis and cloud service YouLook helps to solve a number of issues: theft prevention, staff discipline and increasing turnover.


The choice of Axis network cameras was made because of the company’s state-of-the-art open platform that enables IP cameras to be used in the development of new analytical modules. In the course of project implementation, one to four Axis cameras were installed in each sales point, where analytical modules were then integrated with the cloud service YouLook.


Each IP camera installed on the site performs surveillance and, at the same time, collects statistics about the quantity of customers visiting the store. Each transmits information over the Internet to a cloud service, where the data is processed, and the user obtains a set of recommendations to suitable to their particular needs. has obtained a full-fledged video surveillance system with business process analytics features with no need to increase storage capacity.

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